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Hi, I’m Josh. Welcome to my humble internet abode 🏡.

I grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. My parents run a small, family candy business and were gracious enough to allow me to help with their early ecommerce website; my first foray into entrepreneurship and “programmming.”

I hold a degree in Computer Science at Penn State University. Through an annual Startup Week, I connected with Silicon Valley founders, inspiring me to make the move out west.

I’ve built and scaled products and teams from inception through exit. I’ve worked alongside talented people at Cisco, Toutapp, DataGrail, and Marketo. Category-creating products and low-ego teams are my jam.

I enjoy building applications and infrastructure with a love for simplicity, reliability, and flexibility. I’m a polyglot programmer that believes in choosing the right tool for the job. My past work includes everything from streaming data to API design.

I’m currently spending my days as CTO and Co-Founder of Outline, helping companies understand and engage with their customer communities. We founded Outline in July 2020, and we’ve raised venture capital from South Park Commons, TnT Ventures, and a host of angel investors.

I spend time cycling around the Bay Area, collecting vinyls, fermenting food, and reading. Meditation has been a big part of my life and an ongoing journey.

I love meeting engineers, founders, and thoughtful, passionate people. Shoot me an email if you would like to connect.