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Last updated 2021-11-11What is a “now page”?


Still in San Francisco


Working on Outline, specifically on giving users a single view of a community member across platforms through the munging of many disparate data sources. I’ve had a lot of luck with Elixir and Phoenix, I’m overdue for a post about it.


I’ve been reading a lot less this year, but I’ve recently found myself back in the groove and have been cycling through a few books—The Inner Game of Music, Why We Can’t Wait, The Need for Roots.


A lot of Warriors basketball and Seinfeld.


Some albums that have been on repeat—Waxahatchee St. Cloud, Snail Mail Valentine, Helado Negro Far In, Bill Evans Sunday at the Village Vanguard.

Reverberation Radio, New Commute, KEXP


To wake up earlier.

The ins and outs of restoring a vintage turntable (Garrard 990b).

Diving deeper into climate change